Democrats had eight years to fix the issues


Dear Editor:
    Historically national Political Conventions have been to politics as the playoffs have been to major league sports. It has always been the main event for each political party to choose their best shot at winning the grand prize, which is a four-year stay at 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue. Also, like in sport, each event can be compared to a giant pep-rally where team/party colors are worn by the throngs of ardent admirers. Each night builds with excitement when culminating on the final evening the star player/candidate is trotted out to thunderous applause to accept their party nomination. This year, COVID kept audiences small, allowing technology to be implemented by bringing crowds from all across the nation to one screen. So, as the Republican Chairman, I would like to express what I heard, saw and felt while viewing the two weeks of 2020 national conventions.
    Let me preface this first point by saying that in the previous administration and under President Trump, Republicans and Democrats have each held majorities in Congress and the White House. Neither party fixed Criminal Justice, Healthcare, Immigration or Education. With that said, for four straight nights the Democratic Party expressed their desire and willingness to change America and turn our country into a more radical socialist form of government. They blamed America first and placed all of her problems at the feet of our current president, completely forgetting that it was eight years of Obama/Biden that brought us to this point. On the other hand I heard a litany of Republican politicos and multiple everyday common, working folk explain why the last four years have been good economically.
    While watching the two parties, I saw one group express a passion for American ideas and the Constitution while the other promoted a philosophy of failure. At the Republican Convention I saw LEGAL immigrants  become American citizens and conformed convicted criminals be given a clean slate. Republicans denounced the current violence in American streets and publicly called for the end to this racial injustice and social madness. Democrats fanned the flames of hate, hoping that the death and destruction could be pinned to the Trump Administration.
    Seeing and hearing things are always normal when witnessing politicians do what they do best, but Americans are driven by emotion. Let me say this plainly: I felt sorry for Joe Biden and the national Democrats for not realizing that America is the greatest nation on earth and that socialism has failed every time it has been tried. I feel sorry for the policies that they recycle which is causing Kentuckians to flee their party en masse.  And I feel sorry because they purposely choose to remove God and all Christian principles from their party platform. But the Republican Convention made me consider my blessings, thank God for America and well with pride which strengthened my patriotism! God Bless American and God Bless Donald J. Trump!
Billy Mathews
Pendleton County
Republican Party Chair