"It's the closest we have come to killing someone"

Pendleton County Deputy Sheriff was presenting his plea for funding of two School Resource Officers at Pendleton County Schools when the topic turned to usage of the two officers. Expanding on the point made by Sheriff Craig Peoples concerning the need to have availability of the two officers if an “all hands on deck” scenario occurred, Dennie harkened back to Charles Bruener, Jr. running from the police on Friday, March 2.

“Guys, it was the closest we have come to killing someone,” he ominously said.

Charles Bruener, Jr., three counts, and Tiffany Thompson, one count, were both indicted on federal charges in United States Eastern District of Kentucky on August 9. Bruener faces up to 25 years while Thompson’s is 10 years. Both are lodged in Campbell County Detention Center.

As the scene came to a conclusion, Bruener was ejected from the stolen truck as it rolled. With Peoples approaching in the front of the vehicle and Dennie approaching on the rear side and guns drawn, Bruener reached into the driver’s side window despite their commands for him to get on the ground.

“He was going for his gun and his drugs,” said Sheriff Peoples in an interview after the Fiscal Court meeting. “We already knew he had a 357 magnum.”

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