TLC's 'Four Weddings' features a Pendleton County wedding

Four friends and soon-to-be-brides become guests at each other’s weddings and then judge which one is really the best. That is the premise of TLC’s “Four Weddings with a twist.”

Four Grant County brides participated in the show and Dawn Wood’s wedding venue, Southern Ties, LLC, will be a featured location of Chelsey and Curtis Bishop’s wedding. The show will be broadcast at 9 p.m. on Saturday, August 11 on TLC.

While the show would not grant permission for the bride and groom to be interviewed, Wood was able to discuss the wedding and experience.

“They were great to work with, very personable,” she said about working with the show’s crew who only asked for an extra tent.

Both the wedding and reception was held at her wedding venue that she started two years ago and is located on her family’s 100-acre farm at 5475 Hwy 330W outside of Falmouth.

While the results of the reality show’s competition is understandably kept close to the vest, Wood indicated the wedding party performed the “Footloose” dance, “that was pretty good.”

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