Kinsley McNay is national Taekwondo champion

Daughter of Kayla McNay, former Ladycat softball star

Former Ladycat basketball and fast pitch softball player Kayla McNay, had the moment that fills parents up with pride as her daughter, Kinsley, won the National AAU Taekwondo championship.

“It was definitely a tear jerker,” said McNay. “Very high anxiety and overwhelming proud mother moment.”

Kinsley started training three years ago at Budokai Taekwondo located in Hamilton, Ohio under Master Rob Gerhardt. The time she has devoted to become the top of her class is impressive for an adult let alone a seven-year-old.

Starting in September, the focus at Gerhardt’s dojo is the national competition the following July. Kinsley does 10 hours per week of sparring, 10 hours of cardio and conditioning as well as 5-10 hours per weekend.

Beyond the competition training, she will do couple hours a week on form work for belts. Presently she holds a green belt but will be testing in a month for her next level of belt.

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