Two Butler men air cared after shooting


A mixture of alcohol, a High Point .380 and generational work ethic differences led to the shooting of two Butler men around 8:30 p.m. on Friday, July 13.

Bobby Taylor, grandfather, and Troy Rose, grandson live at 1111 Hwy 177 in Butler where law enforcement has been called for arguments a couple times over the past year.

According to Pendleton County Deputy Sheriff Aaron Adams, both Taylor and Rose had been drinking when a verbal argument over Rose being "lazy" led to a physical altercation with shoving and pushing around.

Taylor went into the house where he retrieved a High Point .380 and came outside where he threatened Rose.

Rose told police at some point he tackled Taylor but was unsure if it was before or after he had been shot in the neck.

"That's unclear. They are all pretty drunk at the time and were unable to give very coherent statements," said Deputy Sheriff Adams about whether the gun had gone off in the struggle. The incident is still under investigation and the Sheriff's Office will look to interview both at University of Cincinnati hospital on Saturday, July 14.

"Taylor did confirm that he had gone and got the pistol and Rose said Bobby had shot him. It is unclear on how Taylor was shot in the hand," Adams further explained.

After getting the gun away from Taylor who is approximately 60-years-old, Rose walked through the cornfields behind BB's parking lot. Someone found him and called the 911. While "bleeding pretty good," he was talkative and aware.

According to police, EMS indicated Rose who is in his 20's had four holes in his neck where he had been shot but the multiple holes could have been the result of skin being folded over. Taylor was shot in the hand. Both were transported by AirCare to UC Hospital but were expected to recover from their wounds.

"Not for sure but there was one round missing from the magazine and if they had one in the chamber, then there could have been two shots," said Adams who indicated no casings were able to be found on the scene.

The incident is under investigation and while no charges have been filed, the expectation is that charges will be forthcoming.

Tuesday, July 17 editiion of Falmouth Outlook will have an updated story.