Carson resigns council seat

"Bittersweet doesn't do this justice," Alex Carson posted on his Facebook page in announcing his move to NKY.

“Bittersweet doesn’t do this justice,” Alex Carson posted on his Facebook page in announcing that he and his wife, Brandi, will be moving to Northern Kentucky.

With that relocation, Carson submitted his letter of resignation for his councilman seat for the Falmouth.

With a new addition coming to their home in early August, he cited the four hours of family time being lost in the commute to and from work as a main reasoning.

Carson was elected to council in the wave of new faces in November of 2016 starting his term on January 1, 2017. He was a member of the council that led the removal of former mayor, Elonda Hinson from office.

“I still stand behind the notion that no one wanted to do such a thing, but the council had the obligation to act in the best interest of all city departments, the budget and for projects to move forward without continuous walls,” he said about the removal.

He also cited it as something that had to be done to allow the city to move forward.

“I truly feel that the lack of support, leadership and communication I experienced in my first 7 months on city council would have halted any of the above baby steps forward,” he said.

Those baby steps of progress by the city council included: working committees that have allowed council to work smarter, volunteers having been empowered to serve, cutting legal fees in half and strengthening partnerships with the county and beginning the repair of infrastructures that has been ignored for decades.

With several trips to Frankfort and partnering with Bill Mitchell, he sees improving the water and sewer lines as things that are not “bright and shiny” for residents to enjoy but are “necessary items to maintain a functioning city.”

But his contributions to Falmouth and Pendleton County extended beyond his city council seat. As a key member of the Pendleton County Tourism Council, he has led the charge to create events for Pendleton and promote our community throughout the region.

Following a Sophomore Youth Leadership Forum in 2015, a group of concerned community leaders banded together to tackle the need for tourism and county promotions. As one of the initial leaders, he served as a member-at-large, Community Events Chair and currently serving as Vice President. It’s an officer position that he will be stepping down from but won’t step fully away from helping the group.

“I do plan to continue assisting this group with marketing, design and promotional projects from afar. This organization has such momentum and positive things in the works. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see it launch from beginning conversations around a table at the community forum in 2015, said Carson.

The loss of Carson was universally felt as a blow to the community.

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