38th District to seed, AT LAST!

After over a decade of blind draws to determine the match-ups of the 38th District Basketball Tournament, the athletic directors of each school cast a 3-1 vote to seed  the tournament starting with the 2018-19 season. Pendleton County, Harrison County and the swing vote, Nicholas County, voted yes while Robertson County was the lone dissenting vote.

In the last two votes, Nicholas County had been against seeding but made the decision this year they are ready to seed.  But they had specific conditions to accept a seeding plan.

“Nicholas County is for seeding if there is revenue sharing of the district and regional tournament funds and we play a home-and-home series to determine seeds,” said Athletic Director Robert Hopkins at the district tournament meeting.

It is the same plan that Pendleton County has put forth over the past several years but had been voted down.

After much discussion on the setup of seeding, it was determined that seeding would occur in 2018-19 with revenue sharing but only the first game of the season would count for seeding purposes.

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