Draft budget presented at School Board meeting

School Board member Karen Delaney also said, “It has been a disconcerting week in education. In the KSBA (Kentucky School Board Association) news roundup for the week the following items were headlined: budget, a school shooting, school safety and pension reform. All of these items were in front of academic headlines, the education of Kentucky’s children."

Jan Johnston, Executive Director Finance and Personnel, presented the 2018-19 draft budget for Pendleton County Schools at the Jan.29, 2018 School Board Meeting. It was truly a draft of the budget as so much in the way of school finance across the state is in flux until the State Legislature passes its biannual budget. If Governor Matt Bevin’s proposed budget passes as is, there will be huge cuts for all school districts.

As for Pendleton County , those cuts were summed up by Superintendent Dr. Anthony Strong as follows, “The total cuts for our district per year would be $1,900,931. SEEK funds, which pays for everything from the education of each child to transportation would be cut $622,194.

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