Butler City Council sets tax rate

A good deal of open honest discussion regarding the reality of the dire financial condition of the City of Butler’s finances at the Oct. 2, 2017, meeting of the City Council led to a decision that required a tiebreaker vote by Mayor Greg McElfresh.

The basis of the decision was whether to raise taxes or not to raise taxes. Mayor McElfresh made a point about last years steep decline in assessment values for the properties in the city which led to a $17,000 decrease in revenue for the city. The mayor also noted that this year’s assessment was a bit higher which led to a higher state determined compensating rate for Real Estate and Personal Property.

The real estate compensating rate is $0.854 per $100 dollars of assessed value or $854 for a home assessed at $100,000. If the city chooses to take the additional 4% it would bring the rate up to $0.888 per $100 of assessed value or $888 on a home assessed at $100,000.

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