Conner Harper selected for Kentucky Olympic Soccer Developmental Team

With the temperatures being cold, many thoughts have turned to spring break plans and where they can go to get warmer. For Conner Harper and his family, he made that decision simple by making the Kentucky Olympic Soccer Developmental Team and he will be spending spring break playing soccer in Rotterdam, Holland. He will train at Feyenoord Soccer Academy against elite European competition and by the academy staff.

“Representing Kentucky and being a part of the Olympic developmental program while playing in Holland is a great experience,” Harper said. “It’s good to experiment and get out of my comfort zone to become better. The speed of play at this level is fast but you learn to slow the game down, be more creative to adjust and predict what is going to happen.”

According to the release from the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association, the first team of Feyenoord has returned to the elite European competitions this season as they play in the UEFA Europa League but they can still proudly call themselves the number #1 ranked club in youth player development in the Netherlands.

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