Jacob and Rebecca participated in Cincinnati’s Annual Thanksgiving Day 10K on November 22, 2012. It was the first and only time they ran a race together.

A mother’s epic run

As spring is in full motion so are the runners. Runners of all different kinds and in all different places. They are filling the streets of the big cities, small towns, and quiet country roads. Each runner different and each one pounding the pavement for their own reasons. The reasons they get out there are as varied and personal as the rainbow of colors you see in their shoes and outfits. There are those who use running as way to stay fit, some to escape the stress of the hectic days, some to train for competitive races, some just for the sheer joy of running. There are also those who run to bring awareness to things that are near and dear to their hearts.

One of those runners is a local woman from Falmouth, Rebecca Pike Ammerman. Rebecca isn’t your average runner, she is one that is considered in the elite class having qualified and run the Boston Marathon twice (2014, 2015), the New York City Marathon (2014) and 29 others - including 12 straight Flying Pig Marathons. But this spring as runners are preparing for marathon season, Rebecca is planning a different run. She will be running the most important run of her life...she will run in honor and memory of her son Jacob Ammerman.

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