CATFish SCUBA Science Team members Gracie Lustenberg, Luke Nordheim, Morgan McKinney, Anna Baxter, Andrew Hicks, Jared Wolfe, and Cullen Beard. Not pictured are CATFish members Kimberly Styer, Cole Ramsey, and John Asher who will complete their dives later this summer.

CATFish SCUBA Science Team completes open water certification dives

The Pendleton County High School CATFish SCUBA Science Team completed open water certification dives in Vortex Springs, Florida, June 1-5. This team completed studies, assessments, and skills practice in a pool throughout the school year. The open water certification dives were the last step in the process.  These students are now officially certified divers. During their five days in Florida, students demonstrated their scuba diving abilities by completing several dives with specific skills including regulator retrieval, mask removal, buddy air share, and more. 

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