PC Public Library addresses reopening

  • PCPL

Director Melissa Byrd released a statement concerning the reopening of the Pendleton County Public Library.

While Governor Beshear indicated that it could open on June 8, there are other considerations besides just unlocking the front door.

"The Governor said specific guidelines and building capacity limits would be forthcoming. We don’t know exactly what that will entail or what reopening will look like yet. We do know that it won’t be “business as usual.” There will be new rules, new procedures, and service limitations. Some of these may be temporary, and some may be long term," Byrd stated in the release.

Before their closure, it was common for 150 people to enter the building each day. Hundreds of people each day touched the same books, computers, newspapers, study tables, and bathroom sinks. It was common for more than 20 people to sit in close quarters in their meeting room to experience a program together. Young children would play with toys and look at books – and then minutes later another child would touch those same books and toys. In an environment that is designed for people to browse, linger, and share common resources – reopening in the midst of COVID-19 has serious implications.

With those thoughts in mind, she added, "We’re eager to welcome you back, and we want to do it safely. This will mean we need to go slowly at first. We have a lot to figure out in the coming weeks, and we will be able to make more decisions once those additional guidelines are released. You, our valued patrons, will be kept informed all along the way."

In the meantime, the Pendleton County Public Library are fine-tuning their drive-thru service and plan to launch it as soon as possible. Expect more details to come.

"Thank you for your patience and your support as we navigate this new normal, together," said Byrd