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Will your home flood is just a few clicks away

Unlike 1997 when the river crested and folks had to guess on whether it will reach them, Falmouth is one of only two cities in Kentucky in which you can check your address and how much it will flood within Falmouth.

On the Pendleton County Emergency Management website, there is a flood mapper link that is the fifth down on the right hand side. Click on it and go to Falmouth.

A tool box will be available representing the two river gauges that are on either side of Falmouth. The Catawba gauge should be set at 48 feet and the other at 28 feet to represent 43 feet in Falmouth.

At that point, you can go to your address it place your mouse there. It will tell a viewer the depth of water at that location in Falmouth.

Presently, the National Weather Service has called for a 43 feet crest at 12 a.m. on Thursday. These projections are based on that crest number and time.

Any changes, whether increasing or decreasing it by the National Weather Service, will change the amount of flooding the county and cities will receive.

While this is not available for Butler, Mayor Greg McElfresh is located at the Emergency Management Center at 911 Dispatch and relaying information about flooding in Butler to those in the city limits.

Falmouth Outlook will continue to follow this story as it progresses.