River is nearly at crest level

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While local officials acting proactively based on the information provided to them by the National Weather Service, that information proved to be a worse case scenario that has never came to pass.

While they were calling for a crest of 43 or 44 feet throughout most of the day on Tuesday, Wednesday morning has seen that crest level projection drop 10 feet in 24 hours. Presently, data is reading the level of the river at 34.4 feet with a crest of 34.6 feet.

While the 44 feet projection would have placed it at the third highest level behind the flood of 1997 (51.8 feet) and 1964 (47.1 feet), the final projection will not even crack the top 10 historically. It does surpass the highest recent level of 32.9 feet on May 3, 2010.