Residents wake up to a much downplayed river crest


UPDATED: Roads closed throughout Pendleton County

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Throughout Tuesday, May 19, Pendleton County and specifically Falmouth and Butler residents were facing the possibility of the worse flooding since March of 1997 with the National Weather Serivce calling for a crest of the Licking River at 43 feet then 44 feet. That number would present significant flooding of northwest Falmouth leading to many residents moving their possessions out and to higher ground.

As nightfall came, NWS lowered the crest to 41.7 feet and by 11 p.m. it was down to 40.5 feet. As the sun arose on our Kentucky home, that number now sits at 37 feet and presents a much less threat of serious flooding though flooding WILL occur.

Numerous roads are closed throughout Pendleton County including:

609 at Davis Rd
Ambrose Wright Rd
Blanket Creek
Bowen Supply Way
Butler Greenwood and Hwy 177
Caldwell Rd
Colvin Bend
Courtney & Morgan 4 Oaks OPEN
Courtney road OPEN
Flour Creek Rd OPEN

Fuqua Lane
Galloway rd
Gardnersville rd OPEN
Grimes Rd
Hayes Station
Hideaway Dr
Hogg Ridge Rd
Hwy 177 E and Flour Creek
Hwy 177 w - Butler Tunnel
John Denny OPEN
Kelly Rd
Lenoxburg Bridge
Liberty Ridge
Lightfoot fork Rd
Mark Haley

Mathis Rd

Milford Rd near Bracken County Line
New zion Rd
Pleasant Hill
Quail Run
River Rd
Wagners Ferry
Weaver & Licking St
Weaver Rd

In the past, that level resulted in flooding. Continue to monitor the Falmouth Outlook website with results as it occurs.

38 feet   Main Street begins to flood near the river, and flooding along Shelby Street and State Route 22 east of Falmouth worsens. Flooding also begins along Riggs Street.
37 Shelby Street begins to flood, and flooding of low-lying streets near the river in Falmouth worsens. Flooding is worst along State Route 22 east of Falmouth.
36 Significant flooding occurs in Shoemakertown and Butler. Flooding begins along Montjoy and Second Streets in Falmouth.
34 Parts of State Route 22 east of the Falmouth business area begins to flood, as well as homes along Route 22 northeast of downtown in Shoemakertown.

Basement flooding begins along Water Street in Falmouth, and flooding beginning along a low area of Route 22 east out of Falmouth. Lowland flooding can be expected in both Butler and Falmouth.