Representative Mark Hart responds to removal of Jefferson Davis statue


Falmouth native wants Frankfort to focus on helping those in financial need during Covid-19

  • Ky Representative Mark Hart
    Ky Representative Mark Hart

I’m very disheartened by the fact that our Governor and my fellow legislators feel this is a priority issue for Kentucky.


Legislators are receiving hundreds of phone calls and emails from desperate Kentuckians everyday who don't know how they are going to buy groceries or pay their rent. Workers have spent hours waiting to speak with someone on the phone, only to be cut off without receiving any help.

Legislators are consistently trying to get information and answers for their constituents to no avail.  The Governor and his administration refuse to talk to legislators and House and Senate leadership.

The issue with this statue is only a distraction from the real problems facing Kentucky: widespread unemployment, a steep budget shortfall, businesses unable to open, and our pension debt.  These are the real issues facing Kentucky.  If these issues are not resolved this state will go bankrupt.

The issue with the statue and other social issues need to be discussed and debated.  They are real concerns for people, but, if this state fails financially then we will have much bigger problems on our hands than statues.  Our Commonwealth is on the verge of bankruptcy, and the removal of statues should not be our focus at this time.

Representative Mark Hart