Preschool to start after Labor Day


    Preschool is planned to start as scheduled after Labor Day; however, it will begin as all other grades do: online.
    “They’ll get started [remotely], and when [the rest of the students] return, they will return, as well,” Supt. Buerkley explained; but, “It will look different for everyone. It will impact the capacity and the numbers we can have.”
    To that end, Mrs. Lisa Aulick, Early Childhood Coordinator, and Donna Pollard, Director of Special Education and Preschool, are using this time to measure rooms, making the hard decisions of what they can keep and what they cannot to better accommodate the numbers they have approved for preschool entry.
    The preschool staff is also working on what that online preschool model will look like.
    “Like everything, it’s impacted based on the rules and regulations they have.”