The new normal on the first day of school


    The first day of school is always rife with anxiety and excitement. The students are apprehensive to be in new classes with new teachers and classmates, but excited to see their friends again; however, with students attending school through their computers, the first day looks very different than what we’re used to.
    The first and most obvious difference is that classes aren’t in class at all. The teachers and administrators of Pendleton County High School have developed a system where the children will be able to log into their Microsoft Office account and be able to locate everything they need to complete their schooling for the day. They’ll find their assignments, schedules, and even video chats with their teachers on this website.
    As a student myself, I’m nervous about having to do all my work online. Asking for help will be much harder than normal, and I’m also not very good with technology. There is sure to be a learning curve, but I know that we’ll all get through it together.