Looking Back - October 13


25 Years Ago - August 15, 1995

    Sign up now for Licking River Canoe Derby at HFO Expo. Entries are in need for the Licking River Canoe Derby to be held at the Kentucky Hunting and Fishing Outdoor Expo on Saturday August 26 at the Fairgrounds. There will be a race upstream, blindfold obstacle course, dead fish polo, and sprint races. This will be an event you won’t forget and will surely get a lot of laughs.
    Priest from Nigeria and India visit “The Farm”. Father Bernard Nwaokeleme from Nigeria and Father Tom M. Kakkaniyil from India lead prayers on August 8 at Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary’s Farm. The rosaries of brother and sister Lizzie and Brandon Loney of Ohio were amazed when they turned from silver to a golden color.
    The Pendleton County All Agency Demonstration Farm Committee in cooperation with Dennis and Trish Moneyhon, held their fourth annual field day August 2 on the Moneyhon Farm near Caddo. A new demonstrating farm location will be selected for next year.
    Falmouth Mayor Max Goldberg has been invited to the groundbreaking ceremonies at Duxford Airfield in Cambridge, England on September 8 for an American Air Museum. Goldberg was in the Air Force for four years during WW II. When he arrived in England he was attached to the Royal Air Force. Goldberg along with General Jimmie Doolittle have been in support of the museum.

50 Years Ago - August 7, 1970

    Gov. Louie B. Nunn is to be at Kincaid Lake and State Park for a dedication picnic dinner on Thursday, August 27.
    Mrs. Hilda Cockayne has retired from the Butler Post Office as assistant post master after serving for more than 28 years.
    Sp/4 Donald E. Simpson, who is stationed with the U.S. Army in Germany and Mrs. Diane Simpson of Falmouth are rejoicing over the arrival of a 7 lb. 4 oz. baby boy, born July 14, 1970. He has been named Derrick Walter.
    Mrs. Rosa Galloway Marquette, aged 82 years, a resident of Falmouth for many years, passed away Tuesday, July 28, 1970.
    Lawrence Spaulding, aged 73 years, of Butler, passed away Saturday, August 1. He was the son of the late Edward and Ida Mae Spaulding.

75 Years Ago - August 4, 1945

    The Falmouth Airport located two miles south of Falmouth on Highway No. 27, is expected to be completed by the end of this week, according to owner, George Schandig.
    Capt. Henry B. Stober, 43, was killed in action December 15, 1944, when being transported aboard a Japanese ship. He was one of the many Americans captured in the Philippines in the fall of Bataan and held prisnor by the Japanese.
    James A. Hicks, aged 76 years, well known resident of Falmouth passed away suddenly at his home on West Shelby Street, Monday, July 30, 1945.
    Henry Joseph Conroy, son of the late P. J. and Elizabeth O’Donnell Conroy, was born in Pendleton County on September 23, 1869, and peacefully departed this life at his home on the Williamstown Road on Thursday, July 26, 1945.

100 Years Ago - August 7, 1920

    Again the silvery cord is broken, and another loved one has passed into that eternal sleep which knows no awakening. Mrs. Elizabeth Cole Kidwell was born November 25, 1884, and passed away July 29, 1920.
    William Henry Schnorr, son of the late John and Julia Schnorr of Plum Creek, was born April 5, 1892, and passed away November 1918, in a base hospital in France.
    Born to the wife of county attorney Albert H. Barker on August 1, a fine little daughter. This is the second heir.
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Dahms are rejoicing over a fine little son. The little master has been named William Robert.
    Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Marshall, residing east of town, have been entertaining a little 10 lb. daughter since last week. This is the first heir.
    Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lickert are rejoicing over arrival of twin boys, who came to their home Sunday, Aug. 1.