Catalytic Fund presents Klee property proposal


    Travis Gysegem, Manager of Real Estate Research at the Covington-based Catalytic Fund, presented his work to Falmouth City Council at the Tuesday, September 1, 2020, meeting. Jeanne Schroer, President and CEO of the Fund, was also present to answer questions and to provide information.
    Gysegem shared with the council that his project description for the developers was based upon information he has gathered from the county and the area. This information will give developers information they need to submit a “crafted response” as to what they can bring to the property.
    The Fund focused mostly on zoning, demographics, and interests that the area offered. Gysegem included the current zoning code in the description, he stated, but he also makes it clear that this code can be adjusted according to needs. He also stated that he included the demographics for the county rather than just the city  because  the  U.S. 27 road frontage makes this plot valuable to the county as well as the city. He looked at the population of the county and the interests they have. Through this research, he concluded that the draws for the county rest especially in the tourism available to the area.     
    Council will have at least a week to review the project description that Gysegem and the Catalytic Fund proposed. His hope is that it can be released before the end of the month.
    Mayor Ron Stinson reported that Judge Executive David Fields contacted him regarding the Harrison Memorial after-hours clinic’s need for more funding. Stinson informed Council that the facility was asking for $100,000 in support, doubling the current $50,000. Fields had asked about the city helping with the increase. While the council agreed that the service is convenient and good for the county, they questioned the idea that city residents would be double-taxed for  the service.
    The New Hope Center, a non-profit organization that supports parents who have either planned and unplanned pregnancies, reported to the council about their work in the community. They reported that the organization helped 186 clients in the county last year.
    Janice Polley reported for the recreation commission that over 220 kids had signed up to play soccer and 155 had signed up for baseball. Football has been canceled for the year.
    Bill Mitchell stated that bids for the water/sewer project will be opened on September 22.
    Fire Chief David Marquardt reported that the department has received the new set of Jaws of Life and will train with them on September 21.
    Sargent Mark McClure reported that arrests in the city have increased in number over the past month, but the COVID-19 procedures still stand.
    City Maintenance Director Gary Lea stated that he would meet with Anthony Wright regarding streetlights this week.
    Andy Richie, Water Surpervisor, reported two hires.
    City Clerk Ramona Williams updated the status of repairs to City Hall