Dr. Alexandra Owensby Ceasing In-Person Campaign Events



  • Dr. Alexandra Owensby
    Dr. Alexandra Owensby

FORT THOMAS, KY- As coronavirus cases in Kentucky and across the country continue to increase, Dr. Alexandra Owensby, 4th Congressional District Nominee, has made the decision to stop all in-person campaign events starting Thursday, October 22, 2020. 

Kentucky reported 1,487 new cases on Wednesday, the second-highest number of cases the state has seen since March. This comes on the heels of several days of seeing 1,200 positive cases

Kentucky also saw the second-highest single-day death toll with 21 Kentuckians losing their battle with the virus, bringing the overall death toll of this virus to 1,363.  Kentucky is currently preparing for a surge, looking into hotels, parks, and field hospitals for options when hospitals are overwhelmed.

“The threat of coronavirus remains very real in Kentucky.  This third escalation in cases is very concerning,” said Dr. Owensby. “As a medical professional, I no longer think it is responsible to continue to hold in-person campaign events, putting others and myself at a heightened risk of contracting the virus. We have been watching the trends over the last week to determine our course. Given the upswing in cases, we came to this decision. While we believe our events, held outdoors with masks and social distancing, have been responsible; I believe we need to be a leader. As a leader for our District and in Healthcare, I stand behind the decision to halt in-person events for now.”

Dr. Owensby will move her in-person events to virtual events over the next two weeks. Her campaign events on the night of the election will remain to be determined.

“As much as I would love to hold a victory party to celebrate with my supporters and volunteers on Election Day, the continued escalation of cases makes it irresponsible of me to put lives at risk,” Dr. Owensby said. “I will continue to monitor the number of cases to make a determination if we will hold a small gathering with core campaign staff on the night of the election”

Dr. Owensby will be available for interviews on Election Day by either phone or video call regardless of the in-person availability.