Republican candidates dominate ballots


How many votes did Kanye West receive in Pendleton County?


With Pendleton County switching from Blue to Red this fall, it comes as no surprise that the Republican candidates easily won Pendleton County.

Donald J. Trump received 5,514 votes to Joe Biden's 1,321. LIbertarian JO Jorgensen had 56 votes while Kanye West had 18 and Brock Pierce 14.

Senator Mitch McConnell tripled Amy McGrath, 4,992 to 1,569 votes. Libertarian Brad Barron had 350 votes.

Thomas Massie had a dominating showing with 5,725 votes to Democrat Alexandra Owensby's 851 votes.

There were 3,358 straight Republican Party votes while Democrat Party straight party tickets were only 584 votes. Fifty-eight Libertarians pulled straight party tickets.