What's the deal with teddy bears in the windows?

  • bear and butterfly
    bear and butterfly

    Have you seen the teddy bears in the windows? Do you know their significance?    
    Kids have a hard time with stress just like adults, and these are stressful times for everyone. School is out,k parks are closed, kids can’t socialize with their friends, can’t go to movies, and can’t go out to eat. So what are they to do?
    This was the question a 12-year-girl and her eight-year-old sister from Iowa asked each other. The 12-year-old’s name is Tammy. Tammy and her family brainstormed and decided to put a teddy bear or another stuffed animal in a window of their house, and they asked friends and family to do the same. The idea was that people would go for a walk and keep count of how many bears they saw on each walk. The event sometimes turned into a competition.
    The bear idea soon spread to all 50 states and even into 11 countries. People who had no bears would use another stuffed animal. Anyone who didn’t have a stuffed animal could draw a rainbow and tape it to a window that was visible to a main walking path.
    This reporter has seen several bears, even in businesses, regardless of whether they are open or closed. Our little community is catching the “bear bug.” So get out with your kids, take a walk and look for bears. Just remember when you see others doing the same to practice social distancing.
    Enjoy your time with your family.