Falmouth curfew for juveniles, restrictive use of parks


Mayor issues guidelines during State of Emergency


With both Kentucky and Pendleton County declared a state of emergency, Falmouth Mayor Ron Stinson released a directive on Thursday, March 26 concerning Falmouth.

Effective March 26, 2020, Stinson declareda a State of Emergency in Falmouth and issued appropriate orders for the necessary officers, personnel, equipment and logistical support necessary for immediate response to the noverl coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency.

Those include the following guidelines:

1.    The City of Falmouth's Parks will remain open from dawn to dusl< (sunrise to sunset). However, because the coronavirus can live on various surfaces for hours/days, the use of ALL playground equipment, picnic tables, or port-o-potties are restricted. These restrictions will also include the Pendleton County Athletic Park on Bowen Way (behind McDonald's) per request of Judge Executive David Fields. Basketball courts/baseball fields are restricted to groups. We still encourage outdoor activities to walk, run, or ride bikes. These restrictions are not meant to prohibit outdoor activity, but to maintain social distancing.
2.    For their protection and safety when playing, children should play in their own yard or the yard of the caregiver. Anyone under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult when walking around the City of Falmouth and again social distancing should be followed.
3.    Effoctive March 26, 2020 at sunset all juveniles must be at their place of residence or the home of a responsible adult.
4.    Falmouth City Hall will remain closed to public/foot traffic indefinitely. See the City Facebool< page or website for utility payment, details and other information as it changes.

The order ended with Stinson writing, "We are taking these measures for the safety and well being of our residents and citizens. It is not intended to restrict physical activity, but rather practice social distancing."

The guidelines in both Falmouth and Butler, who had issued similar orders on Tuesday, will remain in effect until the state of emergency has been lifted.