Coronavirus is here


Pendleton County gets its first diagnosed, confirmed case of the deadly virus

  • Coronavirus

    While it has been widely thought that the coronavirus was in Pendleton County but just not a confirmed, diagnosed case, we now know it is officially here.
    Three Rivers Health Department released a statement on Monday afternoon verifying that a case had been confirmed.
    Pendleton County was one of the lone holdout counties in NKY to not have a diagnosed case.
    The person is quarantined and will be monitored for fever and respiratory symptoms according to the press release.
    In a subsequent interview, Three Rivers indicated they are in the process of identifying and contacting all those who came in contact with the infected person and whether they had been in a public area.
    “While we are saddened by this news, our thoughts and prayers go toward this person and their family for a complete recovery,” said Judge Exectutive David Fields. “The possibilities were known that we would eventually have a case here, and this is the reason we have been so diligent in getting information  out.”
    TRDHD Health Director Georgia Heise advised, “The greatest weapon we have against this virus is to physically distance ourselves from each other.”