August 1, 2014

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Dear Editor
4-H Crossroads Club cleaned up trash Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Nine members of the 4-H Crossroads Club cleaned up five miles of roadway on New Hope Road and a section of Hwy 10 on November 3, 2012. We picked up 24 bags of trash. New Hope Road had a lot of trash, especially at the place where it intersects AA Hwy. Please keep all of your garbage in your vehicle until you return home. Let's all work together to keep the roadways clean!


Autumn Ferguson
Leader  4-H Crossroads Club


Phillip Sharp Academic cleaning litter Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

The Phillip Sharp Academic team picked up 38 bags of trash on Highway 22 West on Saturday, November 24, 2012. It took 16 people and two hours to pick up all the garbage. It is sad that this job even needed to be done. We are disappointed that people litter so much, and we were surprised at what we found.

During the garbage pick-up, we noticed some patterns in the type of litter. Most of what we picked up were cans and bottles of beer and alcohol. Not only did people litter, but apparently they were drinking and driving. Two more things we found the most of were dip cans and fast food bags. We are very upset that the people take littering so lightly, and harm  our beautiful planet.


Phillip Sharp Academic Team
Ben Bowen, Bailey Hardy and Andrew Hicks


NJROTC clean Lightfoot Fork Road Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

The PCHS Navy JROTC unit cleaned seven miles of Lightfoot Fork Road on Saturday, November 17, 2012. Twenty four  and eight members of the SMS eighth grade ROTC club and eight chaperones began the trash pick-up at 8 a.m. and by noon they had filled 39 trash bags with assorted trash. The trash included soda and beer cans, bottles, fast food discards, as well as tires and building materials. Odd items included a muffler, automobile logos, DVDs and a road sign. The aluminum cans that were collected were separated and later taken to a recycling center. When the job was done, the group enjoyed pizza and soft drinks.

Commander, Joel Nahari


Mt. Carmel Youth picked up litter Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Our youth group picked up trash on Hwy 27 beginning at US 22 and going north five miles on November 2. There were 12 people who picked up trash and we had 42 bags full of trash and five tires in this stretch. We also had some swimming pool floats and (filled?) gas cans, but most of the trash was paper and plastic from fast food and drinks.

It was kind of scary picking up trash when dump trucks or tractor trailers went by and the air almost lifted us off the ground, but we stayed back from the road as far as we could.

Thanks for the opportunity to improve our neighborhood.

Brett Bowen
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church


PC Lady Cat Golf team cleaned up highway Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Members of the Pendleton County Lady Cat Golf team cleaned up Hwy 1054 on Saturday October 27, 2012. Even though the weather wasn't very cooperative we still had a good turn out of support. We picked up 18 bags of trash. There were a lot of bottles, cans, cigarette packages and fast food containers along the side of the road. Thanks to all that showed up to help. Let's all do our part to keep Pendleton County beautiful.


Lisa Cobb
Pendleton County Lady Cat Golf Team


Butler Baptist Wellness litter project Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Seventeen members from the Butler Baptist Church Wellness Program picked up trash along road 609 on November 3, 2012. We were amazed about just how much trash there was. We filled 21 bags of trash, along with finding seven tires and one sign. The sad thing about this is that most of the trash was probably left by people who do not live here. Most of the trash was probably thrown out by people going to and leaving from the Wood Fest. It is really sad that people do not care about leaving their garbage where someone else lives. We would encourage you to think twice before throwing something out alongside the road. We want to thank all who make this possible so that we can help to keep our county clean.

Rev. Daryl Mullins

Butler Baptist Church Wellness Program


Honor students make a clean sweep Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Southern Elementary National Honor Society spent Friday, November 2, from about 3:30 to 6 p.m. cleaning up four and a half miles of Hwy 22. Given the pleasant weather, these 12 N.E.H.S. volunteers along with five parent volunteers were able to efficiently bag up the trash found alongside the highway. The students were eager to go out and grab up the litter on the roadside to clean up the environment.

Some students simply wondered why people discarded  of their trash this way.

Plenty of cans and bottles were collected to fill the 24 orange bags that were left to linger along the ditches. If you want to think of it as an average, we collected almost six bags per mile. It seemed that the first mile of our pick-up was the most cluttered with litter while farther along were bigger items such as tires and scrap metal.

Please think and don't throw out litter. Especially drive carefully when you see caring citizens collecting trash to keep our county clean.

Maxie Kordes


Falmouth Weslyan picking up litter Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

It was a privilege for Falmouth Wesleyan Church to pick up the trash on Route 27 on Saturday, November 3, 2012 as part of County trash pickup. Fourteen of our church members gathered 33 bags of garbage and were blessed by how we finished before the rain started.

We look forward to helping with this again in the future.

Wes Shoemaker

Pastor of Falmouth Wesleyan Church


Tarhe team proud to help community Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Tarhe Sports and Learning Center was proud to be a part of the 109 Board Fall Board Clean-up on Saturday, November 10. We had nine people participate, and collected 33 bags of garbage on five miles of US 27 South from 22 to past Falmouth. It seems the majority of the items we found were tobacco related, beer and alcohol bottles and cans, and fast food bags and cups. These are three (or four, if you count littering) bad habits the residents of Pendleton County would be better off without! Taking care of our own health will reduce the amount of garbage, too.

Thank you,

Darah Herron

Tarhe Sports and Learning


Knoxville Baptist cleaned up highway Print E-mail

Dear Editor,
The youth of Knoxville Baptist Church cleaned up trash on 491 from the Pendleton County line to the end of the road on November 10, 2012. There were  11 members that helped that day. We picked up 11 bags of trash and several large tires.

Several of the items that were picked up were empty food containers. These were from a variety of restaurants such as McDonalds and Subway. The main thing that the children seemed to comment on was the amount of beer cans and bottles that were picked up considering this is a dry county. At one point a teen actually commented that the people who had drank an entire case of beer were nice enough to place it all in a garbage bag however they still managed to throw it out on the side of the road.

Another item that seemed to be recurring was empty cigarette packs. The winner made it to five!

I would say the highlight of the morning for one of our youth was when a person who owned a home on the property thanked the group that was working his side of the road and told them how much he appreciated them helping him keep his area cleaned up. Its nice to know that people out there are respecting us for helping them.

Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to help keep our communities looking nice!

Deby Collins

Member of Knoxville Baptist



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