Who would steal a hearse?

A Peoples Funeral Home hearse was stolen shortly before a scheduled funeral

As John Peoples made the final preparation for a funeral to be held on Thurs., Feb. 1, he was fueling up the hearse when William Andrew Engle approached him with a request.

“He had a CD and told me that he wanted it to be played at his funeral and he wanted me to hear it,” said Peoples.

Engle left his truck at Butler BB’s and rode with Peoples to the Butler funeral home, listening to the CD as they traveled.

After parking the car in the processional line, Peoples headed inside with Engle sitting in the hearse listening to the CD. Peoples directed Bob McClanahan to park the van in front of the hearse.

According to Peoples, McClanahan responded by pointing out the hearse was not there but heading north on U.S. 27.

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