Wait says people are asking her not to resign

A very emotionally charged special council meeting to discuss the privatization of trash services provided by the city had plot twists and turns throughout the evening. But the biggest occurred towards the ending of the special meeting.

After the council voted 4-2 to not privatize trash pickup they quickly moved to vote on the purchase of a new garbage truck. After votes were cast by Sebastian Ernst, April DeFalco, Joyce Carson and Amy Hitch, Councilperson Philis Wait said she was voting no to the purchase and wanted to explain why.

“When I voted yes for Rumpke, it was for the people. Now, I’m going to vote no and give you an explanation like they like to,” she started.

After making a point that DeFalco does not own property in the city and never has,  she said, “Another thing, I want to let all of  you know, thank you for having me as a city councilmember. I will not be working as a city council member as of right now.”

She gathered her stuff, wished “good luck” and left.

The vote continued with Amy Hurst voting yes and the motion to purchase a new garbage truck passing 4-2.

While initially not wanting to comment on the night of the meeting, she did talk with the Falmouth Outlook through Facebook Messenger and via phone call later in the week.

“My vote was what the people wanted and the decision by council was not what the people wanted,” she said in a phone call.

“It’s all based on ethics and finances. This is all I need to say,” she sent in Messenger.

She indicated she had not submitted a letter or resignation and said, “I’m being asked by the citizens of our community to not resign.”

She will be on vacation for the next meeting and unsure of her attendance plans for future meetings. As far as he candidacy, “Yes, I’m still a candidate for city council in November.”