Two announce candidacy for Falmouth mayor

Two Falmouth residents with their thumb on the pulse of the city’s government announced their candidacy for the mayor’s seat during the General Election in November.

Sebastian Ernst announced his candidacy on his Facebook account on May 24. His post outlined his mayoral priorities as:  business and economic development to market city-owned properties and areas that fall within city limits, failing infrastructure and adjusting our rates making the city available for grants to allow for upgrades, outdated/underutilized public spaces, expanding community events/engagement that will bring us together as community and confronting the heroin rpidemic that would include the creation of a neighborhood watch program dedicated to crime prevention.

Presently, Ernst serves as City of Falmouth councilman.

Ron Stinson is seeking to continue to serve as Falmouth Mayor after being selected by the present city council to complete the mayoral term after the impeachment of former Mayor Elonda Hinson.

The retired school teacher outlines his top priorities as the continued process of rehabbing infrastructure specifically the water and sewer lines, developing the Klee property adjacent to the Dollar Market that will bring in new revenue, working with the Industrial Authority to entice businesses to the Industrial Park, reorganization of the city’s vehicle fleet to provide better vehicles while also saving the city financially, implementing an energy program that will save the city financially while making the city more efficient with their energy use and addressing the daily issues of running the city that is more than most realize.

Candidates for city council and/or mayoral positions have until August 14 to file their candidacy with the Pendleton County Clerk Rita Spencer’s office.

Two Falmouth City Council members are moving out of city limits and have indicated they will not be seeking reelection.