Transportation Cabinet removing illegally placed signage

Spring is in the air and the flowers are blooming along Kentucky roadways, but unfortunately, so are illegal signs. Each year, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is tasked with removing signs that have been illegally placed on state right of way. Beginning April 8, District 6 personnel will begin removing these signs. Businesses, candidates, realtors and anyone who uses roadside signage should not place signs on state right of way. 

“This time of year, especially, we see a lot of signs,” said Bob Yeager, chief district engineer for KYTC District 6. “Political signs and other advertising signs can block the view of drivers as they watch for oncoming traffic at intersections.”

 Kentucky law prohibits placement of unauthorized signs on state right of way unless otherwise permitted. State law requires highway personnel to remove all illegal signs. This also applies to signs attached to utility poles on the right of way.

 “We are asking Kentuckians to do their part by keeping the state right of way clear of temporary signs and other obstacles that can obstruct the path of mowers and pose a hazard for mowing crews and motorists,” said KYTC District 6 spokesperson Nancy Wood.

Homeowners who maintain their lawn to the pavement edge should also keep yard signs behind the right of way line.

 Enforcement of the sign prohibition can be difficult because right of way boundaries vary by highway and location. All signage should be behind sidewalks. In areas without sidewalks, all signs should be behind the ditch line and outside areas commonly mowed or maintained by highway crews. Often, utility poles will mark the edge of highway rights of way. On four-lane highways with controlled access or limited access, no signs should be placed on the highway side of the fence line or the fence.

Essentially, any area that would normally be mowed by state crews or contractors in summer months is part of the right of way, even if it is commonly mowed by the adjacent property owner.

State highway crews will be clearing illegally placed signs, and signs in areas that have work zones for normal highway maintenance activities.

 “Employees who remove signs are acting in the best interest of all motorists and of maintenance crews,” State Highway Engineer Andy Barber said. “We appreciate the public’s cooperation and understanding.”

 KYTC District 6 is responsible for more than 4,657 miles of roadway in Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Carroll, Gallatin, Grant, Harrison, Kenton, Owen, Pendleton and Robertson counties.