White realizes dream of playing collegiate football

    “If you want something bad enough, take the steps needed to make it happen, no matter how long it takes.” - Bill Lugodice
    For Pendleton County graduate and current Campbellsville University football player Ethan White, playing college football has always been a dream of his.
    “Football was a huge dream of his,” said his father Jim. “In elementary school while playing youth football he was asked what he wanted to do when he got older. Ethan said ‘play college football’. He has worked hard for it ever since.”
    The drive to succeed is what pushes White everyday. White is part of an exclusive group. There are very few Pendleton County graduates currently participating in college athletics.
    College athletics can be used as a gateway into other life and career opportunities. Football is a game that requires teamwork, brotherhood and hard-work to be successful. If you apply those virtues to other avenues of your life, you will be on the fast track to success.
    Although nothing is guaranteed, these are values that will be applicable throughout the rest of any persons life. That’s what White has focused on while at Campbellsville.
    He credits college football to helping him become a better student and a more disciplined individual. Most importantly, it has strengthened his mental fortitude.
    White has faced many ups-and-downs in his life. Adversity tests a person’s will-power. It sparks creativity. Life isn’t always easy. Whenever challenges arouse, White always knew there was one place he was always welcome: the football field.
    When White was in high school, he put his dreams into his own hands. According to his father,  White produced his own recruitment tape and sent it to various colleges.
    In return, Campbellsville and Union College likes enough of what they saw on tape to extend White an offer.
    “We visited Campbellsville I believe it was the second time, after the Union College visit and Ethan said it just felt like home,” said Jim. “The students were friendly, the staff were all great, and the campus was just the right size.”
    College athletics, especially football, can be a wake up call for many athletes. The competition is faster, stronger and has access to better coaching. White began his college football career in a sea of unknowns. What will my position be? How many games will I travel to? These kind of anxious questions can keep a person wondering. What was White’s solution? To grit down and go to work.
    “The difference is that you are playing against people that have been playing college football for one to five years already and they are very talented and strong,” said White.
    “Watching high school football now is just totally weird for me because I’m used to standing next to people who are 6’4 or 6’5 and people who are just built, and I see high school they look a lot smaller because my perspective has changed so much.”
    White earned the backup long snapper role on the squad prior to the first game through hard work in practice. From there, he was able to dress varsity for every regular season game.
    He finds himself in a similar position to start this current season. White is the backup long snapper to a senior. He’s also garnered attention at tight end, a position he wasn’t recruited to play. According to Jim, he is currently listed as the third string tight end on the depth chart.
    White plans on seeing his college football dreams through until the end. Many college athletes change career paths one or two years into their athletic career. White doesn’t think he’ll have that issue.
    “My goals are to stay in the two deep as a long snapper and work myself into the two deep in the spring for tight end,” said White.
    “We just started our season, and I am in the two deep so I will be traveling again this year with the team. I will stick this out it was my dream to play college football and I’m gonna see it through!”
    That kind of determination can lead to a person to success as they mature.
    While White loves the game of football, his goals at Campbellsville aren’t strictly athletic. White is a marketing major with a minor in business healthcare. He hopes to acquire a job after in the marketing or healthcare field once he has retired from the game of football.
    Campbellsville went 4-6 but has the propensity to improve this season. They have a talented roster and a formidable coaching staff.
    Football means so much more than many people realize. It builds men.
    For Ethan White and many others, that’s what the game of football gives. Hopefully seeing White fulfill his dreams can inspire another young Pendleton County student to pursue their athletic and academic dreams through to the end.