Pendleton Archery sending two teams to KHSAA State Archery

    The Pendleton County Archery Teams competed in the Region Tournament at Mason County High School this past weekend.  The Archery team from the high school is having a successful season so expectations were high going into regional competition.
    Coach Myers said of his teams performance, “This was our day. The boys stepped up. Our top seven averaged a 275. The girls had a solid day with Katie and Kirkland taking home individual medals and the rest filling out the total.
    The boys were led in their runner up performance by Brett Kohler who turned in a 285 with 18 tens and finished ranked third for the tournament.  He was followed closely by Adam Derico with a 282 and 17 tens and an overall ranking of fifth.
    Coach Myers commented, “Brett won the battle of the Kohlers today with an outstanding performance. Then Adam, who has shown gradual improvement all year, turned in a great score. Today was another step towards a new personal record at one of the state tournaments.”
    On the girls side, Katie Kaiser stepped up at the right time, setting a new personal best 285 with 16 tens and placing second in the tournaments final rankings.
    Kirkland Brannen was close on her heels, shooting a 284 and 18 tens and ranking her third overall in the tournament.
    Coach Myers discussed their performance, “Katie shot her personal record. She has been in continuous improvement mode all season, and it shows.”
        Speaking about Brannen’s showing, Coach Myers jokingly remarked, “Kirkland was down a little today. You are having a good archery day when an off day  is a 284.”
    (High School Girls) Katy Kaiser 285 16,  Kirkland Brannen 284 18,  Addyson Crouch 272 9,  Shelby Shaefer 266 12,  Ana Mcfarland 263 4,  Emma Record 262 6,  Paige Miller 257 6,  Mckenzie Turner 256 5,  Olivia Stephenson 254 7,  Sophey Dalton 240 8,  Kacie Staten 240 4,  Emma Reid 233 2.
    (High School Boys) Brett Kohler 285 18,  Adam Derico 282 17,  Travis Jones 278 15,  Jacob Baird 273 12,  Zachary Wilson 272 12,  Nathan Taylor 271 12,  Mason Fuller 265 11,  Bradley Kohler 261  8,  Brett Bonar 258 19,  Brandon Mainous 254 6, Cody Dawson 242 2,  Evan Schneider 214 4.