PCHS Archery could bring home TWO team archery championships as KHSAA sets up new region format

High school archery has exploded throughout Kentucky over the past few seasons with programs multiplying at a high rate. Pendleton County added archery less than five seasons ago and seen the program grow to be one of the most successful programs in the school. They won the KHSAA Region 7 Title last season posting a team score of 3,337.

With the increased number of program, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association has expanded the post season awards and will offer regional team championships for both males and females. But there is a twist. Schools can also choose to compete in the male division with a coed team.

“We will compete for both championships and give our archers a chance to win the team title for both females and males,” said Head Coach David Myers about what route Pendleton County chose for the KHSAA 2018 Region 7 Tournaments to be held at Harrison County Middle School on Sat., March 10.

In a strategic move, other schools may choose to stay as a one squad and put their twelve best archers forward competing in the male division. This would allow them to post the highest score possible for their team rather than divide their best archers among two different teams.

Pendleton County, defending 7th Region Champions as a coed team, posted their high score of the season in their opening tournament. It was 3,336. They continued above the 3,300 mark with a 3,304 at the Northern Kentucky Nockdown.

But after holiday break and a January that saw several practices cancelled creating an uneven shoot schedule, the Cats lost their rhythm and form and struggled.

In two tournaments at Harrison County, they shot 3,273 and 3,281. Scores still higher than any other school in the 7th Region has posted but below their personal expectations.

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