Ladycat Volleyball ready to serve it up

Coach Laura Buck said the team goal remains the same in that she would like to see her team compete for the district championship.

    The 2019 season is marked with anticipation as Ladycat Volleyball prepares for competition. Coach Laura Buck said the team goal remains the same in that she would like to see her team compete for the district championship. The team graduated four of the thirteen players that were on the varsity roster last season and will need some younger players to step up and fill the void left. Going into the season, it would be safe to say that the team’s success is still to be determined, but Coach Buck is very optimistic about the potential when looking at her roster.
    From observation, some of the returning players to watch are Savannah Tillett and Samantha Verst, both of who will play critical roles in the team being successful while providing leadership on and off the floor. Tillett ,who played outside setter last season ,will be playing outside and right hitter and is responsible for making passes to her teammates for scoring chances. She will also look to hit a few of her own over the net. She was a force around the net last season until going down with an injury. That was a major impact on how the team finished.
    Olivia Verst will be anchoring the defense in protecting the middle against spikes and helping control the flow of the ball. The Libero will not score a lot of points, but the little things they do lead to good scoring opportunities for other teammates. Verst is always moving with the action and frequently makes diving plays across the floor. Her leadership and positive attitude  will be very important for the team as the season progresses.
    Hailey Brewer, who excels at both setting and attacking the net, could be an important part in helping the Ladycats’course over the season. Her ability to serve also makes her more valuable as she continuously puts the ball in play. Her positive mindset and attitude should help develop the team chemistry towards achieving their goals.
    A newcomer this season to keep an eye on will be Freshman Kayley Bruener who has been showing some aggressive play and moves quickly to attack the ball in early season practices. Her ability to move to the ball and protect the net area should have a positive impact on the team’s performance.
    Coach Buck added a new coach this summer to the staff in the person of former Ladycat Volleyball player Cheyenne Egbring. Coach Egbring played for the Ladycats from 2011-14, and said she enjoyed her time as a player in the program. She says the perspective now as a coach is a little different, but one that she is growing into. She said of her new position, “ I always wanted to be a coach, so I’m really happy for the opportunity. I’m gaining confidence and experience every day and ready to get started and have a great season.”
    Volleyball is a fast-paced game that can be exciting to watch as both teams battle back and forth. There is nothing like a hard spike into the floor or an impressive kill above the net to get the players motivated and the crowd cheering.
    The district this year finds the Fillies at the top again until another team can step up and knock them off. Coach Buck explained, ”After Harrison County, it is a toss up, but I feel we have just as good of chance as any other team in the district. “
    The Ladycats will play their first game on August 20 against Nicholas County at home JV starting at 6.