How could UK Football season end?

11-1: Hello Catlanta! If the Cats finish with this record we have entered uncharted territory. Some will say the end is near. Others will say “We want Bama!” The Cats would most likely have them. Do the impossible? Dare we dream? Win the SEC Title in Atlanta and the playoffs will be a distinct probability. The nation will have gotten to know and love Benny Snell and Kentucky football fans will be at a high not seen since the days of the Bear.


10-2: The Playoffs are probably out but the SEC title game and a big bowl game are probable. This qualifies as historic. This would have Kentucky football fans giddy and would give them a chance  at a historic opponent in a warm climate.


9-3: The Cats dropped 2 but held serve against the teams they should beat. This would mean the most wins since 1984 and still a trip South for an opportunity to hit double digit wins for the first time since the late 70s.


8-4: Ok, this would be decent. It would be the most wins in a regular season since 1984. That team would go on to win the Hall of Fame Bowl versus Wisconsin.


7-5: I never thought I’d write this but this would qualify as a disappointment. This would be a win versus Middle Tennessee State and one other. Nashville near the New Year is always lovely but bundle up. It will be cold and there will be questions asked.


6-6/5-7: In the words of many of my students when I hand out a pop quiz...”ugh, I can’t even...”. This would be a meltdown and a disappointment. All good will gone from the fan base.


I’m going on the record for a 9-3 finish. If the ball bounces right a few times then who knows?? Maybe better. Missouri and Georgia will be tough asks. I have them dropping those two and winning the rest. A season to celebrate!