Clint Moore earns USCA Archery All-American honors

As he enters his senior season at University of Cumberlands, Clint Moore will return to the Patriots’ archery team as an All-American after earning those honors at the United States Collegiate Association Outdoor National Championship.

Moore, who qualified seventh overall for the national tournament, went 4-1 in his individual match-ups and came away with the bronze. He outshot Bryce Woodrome of Union, 145-141 in the bronze medal match.

The Patriots tied with Union for the co-national championship as each team won five gold medals, four silvers and a single bronze.

In men’s compound team bracket, Moore with his teammates Josh Isenhoff and Wes Parrett made it to the gold medal round. They fell 227-220 earning Moore a silver medal.

To earn All-American honors, athletes must have a minimum requirement both on the range as well as in the classroom.

There is a difference in equipment and setup from high school archery to collegiate archery and Moore had to make that adjustment from a standout high school career.

“For me, it took an almost entire year here at the University of the Cumberlands to adapt to the changes,” said Moore. But with his customary hard work and dedication, he is seeing the fruits of his labor.

The outdoor competition has targets setup at 50 meters for 72 arrows. The weather comes into play with the outdoor setup and it was three days of high heat in Jackson, Mississippi for the outdoor meet.

After qualifying rounds to determine individual seeding, they shoot head-to-head with the winner advancing to medal rounds.

Previously, the Patriots secured their second straight US Intercollegiate Indoor Championship. Seeded 8th, Moore faced off in the first round with his teammate, Isenhoff. Moore would fall to him and Isenhoff would go on to win the individual championship.

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