Rotary accepting applications for Youth Exchange

Applications for Rotary Youth Exchanges are being accepted for review by all Rotary Clubs in District 6740 beginning now and ending November 30. High School students between the ages of 15 and 18 may make application for either a long term exchange to a foreign country for a ten month year of study and cultural and language development or a Short-Term (Family to Family) exchange in the summer lasting approximately four weeks with two families exchanging siblings for the summer exchange. Both types of exchange require an application to Rotary and a review/selection process.

Students applying for a Long Term Exchange identify the countries they are interested going to. A Rotary review board makes the final selection based on the application of the student. If a student is chosen to make an exchange by Rotary, the student is responsible for travel to the country, insurance and passport/visa according to Rotary regulations. The cost to the student varies by country. Rotary Youth Exchange makes arranges for the student to stay with two families while abroad and to attend school. The families are carefully vetted and background checks are completed before any family is approved. Throughout the year a counselor is appointed to work with the student and the Rotary Club of the Hosting District is responsible for continued vigilance of the family situation.

Students applying for a Short-Term Exchange make an application for one of three countries. Host families in those countries are vetted in the same process  as for a long-term exchange. When a suitable family agrees to host and exchange with a family; the two families are linked and make immediate plans for the exchange, setting the dates for arrival and departure. Both families organized their transportation to and from the country and are free to select airlines that provide reduced or special rates. The student is responsible for a passport/visa and insurance; but insurance is much less as it is usually for a period of time less than 30 days. The student lives with the family and is exposed to the cultural events of the town in which they stay. Most families make a point of taking the student to highlights of the county.

To fill out an application: all applicants should contact Jack T. Lundy, District Chairman 6740 at or 859-586-4801. All emails and calls will be returned and information will be directed with proper details as to how to make the application completely finished and filed.