Scout Master Dale Adams standing by the Albert A. Jameson Monument at the Falmouth Christian Church. Photo by Roger McKinney.

Albert Jameson monument

(Correction to September 16, 2014 article)

To quote a poem by Lewis Carrol, “He thought he saw an elephant that practiced on a fife. He looked again and found it was a letter from his wife.” That was a mistake. Here’s another one. In the September 16th article about Albert Allen Jameson I said, “Albert and his family attended the Methodist Church on Shelby Street in downtown Falmouth.”  That was a misstatement of fact. Albert and his family attended the Falmouth Christian Church from 1873 until 1885. Albert’s father, George, took part in the actual construction of Falmouth Christian. George and his family moved to Covington, Kentucky in 1885.

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