Snow with light ice forecast but county road crew is ready

How can you sign up for weather text alerts?

With weathermen predicting the first snowstorm of the winter season and 2019, Pendleton County residents have been cleaning out the local grocery stores while the county is preparing to do what they do best, deal with the fallout.

"Rest assured, that we will be out," Pendleton County Road Supervisor Eddie Rarrieck said.

The county has over 300 tons of salt to deal with the 264 miles of county roads. With having to travel up and down the roads when going in and out, the county road crew will deal with over 500 miles this weekend. The full fleet of trucks are ready.

Rarrieck indicated he will be up early Saturday morning and call in his crew when its time.

When is that time?

According to Pendleton County Emergency Management Director Mike Moore it will be around 4 a.m. "They are calling for it to start 4-6 a.m. on Saturday morning and being fairly steady most of the day."

He inidcated that they are calling for 2-4 inches but cautioned that Saturday night into Sunday morning may include light ice.

"It's better to be stuck in the house instead of on the road somewhere," he cautioned. "If you don't have to go out, don't. But if you do, drive cautious and slow."

If you would like to receive text alerts from Pendleton County Emergency Management, go to the link below and fill out the information in the Code Red system. Make sure you check the box that says "send text messages"