Smile, you might be on Falmouth Police camera

“They are a good thing. I like them,” said Falmouth Police Officer Mark McClure about the new body cameras each member of
the Falmouth Police Department are sporting.

It’s an option to the manner that the Falmouth Police are taking to try and ensure that each person they come in contact with receives fair treatment while protecting their
officers at the same time.

The force did have cameras but they were an older model that eventually quit holdingit’s charge. New Chief of Police Shannon Clem made the budgetary decision to
invest in new cameras.

According to Sergeant John Riley who oversees the camera program, each officer presses a button to start recording when an exchange with a person is about to happen. At the end of the exchange, the officer presses the button a
second time to stop the recording. He uploads each recorded interaction and can use them for training purposes.

“With a recording of each encounter, we can review on how the call went. If it turns bad, then we have it for court,” Sergeant Riley said. “It’s there for evidence as well as protection of our officers. I’m big on safety and we want our officers to
work in the safest environment we can provide.”

Officer Heather Jolley who is soon to join the department full time upon her completion of the police academy sees the benefits of her wearing the body camera.

“It ensures everyone is treated fairly and helps safety for myself and my fellow officers.” She also pointed out a key benefit. “It may also catch something on the screen that our eyes don’t catch.”

Riley added, “A person could toss something or do something when the officers head is turned and we can catch that on the camera.”

McClure added, “There is nothing for a good cop to fear from wearing a body camera.”