Seth Hall wants the focus on a person's whole life

Over the past years, Democrat Seth Hall has watched no jobs or projects come back to this district while a widening gap has continued to grow among the residents.

“Guns and gays have divided us as issues and we need to come together and talk. We need more competence and compassion, the LaGrange businessman commented on the focus on social issues that have led to the Republicans winning the US House of Representative District Four seat in the past seven elections.

He sees a growing focus on economic issues and that his party can deliver on those issues.

Hall is a lifelong resident of Kentucky’s Fourth District, born in Shelby County, raised in Henry County and currently residing in Oldham County.

A has served on the Oldham County Democratic Executive Committee for 20 years and is married with three children and two grandchildren.

He is confident he can bring people back together and focus on the real issues that face this district.

When elected to Congress, I will be an accessible public servant who will represent our needs in Washington,” he said in campaign literature and touted holding town halls within the district boundaries.

After not finding an issue that he agreed with the present administration, he quickly found several he disagreed on.

“The tax scam is really a tax increase on the middle class,” he explained on his feeling the tax cut will deteriorate communities while putting more money in the pockets of the rich.

A partial copy of the video interview with Democrat candidate Seth Hall for the Ky. 4th District US House of Representative seat  can be seen at Unfortunately, the camera decided to turn off 2/3’s of the way into the interview.

His complete campaign information can be accessed at

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