We're All Ears!

Chapter 9

“These are beautiful!” Chloe and I exclaimed as we unwrapped the gifts from Mr. B. He gave me a four-leaf clover he had “whittled” out of wood with his pocketknife. Chloe unwrapped a pretty little doll Mr. B. had made from corn shucks.

“Growing up, Mr. B. told us as we admired our presents, “we didn’t have any fancy-smancy ’puters or ’lectronics. We made all our toys. We put together yo-yos, spinning tops, slingshots, clay and all sorts of things. It’s amazing what a creative mind can do with a string and a cornhusk! Anyway, I wanted to make these toys for you doggies to show you that I love you and to wish you luck on the upcoming competition. And I wanted to show you some of the best things in life are made with love and don’t cost a penny!

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