"We're All Ears!"

Chapter 7

“That must be the instrument Chloe and I heard earlier,” I said when we got upstairs and saw something that looked a little like a fiddle. Mr. B. picked up the instrument, put it in his lap and began strumming.

“It’s an Appalachian dulcimer. Some folks call it the Kentucky dulcimer, the mountain dulcimer or the hog fiddle,” Mr. B. explained, resulting in a giggle. “The Appalachian dulcimer is different from the hammered dulcimer. As you can see, the dulcimer is made from wood. It’s about 75 to 90 centimeters long, and the sound box is in the shape of a teardrop or hourglass. It typically has three or four strings. The player puts the dulcimer in his lap or on a table and strums. Do you know what the word dulcimer means?”

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