Want to be a teacher?

You can without an education degree

    There are several routes to receive a teacher’s certificate in the state of KY – more than the traditional route of entering college upon high school graduation.  In Pendleton, the majority of our teaching staff come to us after graduating from a college/university in which they majored in a particular field.  
    However, one route in particular is becoming an increasingly successful and accepted way for people to get a teaching certificate, especially for the middle and high school – through what I call an “Option 6 Alt Cert Program”.
    This program is attractive to those who have obtained a four-year degree in a field other than education, such as biology or social studies.  
    Someone interested in becoming a teacher will have to agree to go back to college for additional course work, but from teachers who have completed the Alt-Cert program, they find teaching rewarding and worth the extra courses.
    Each college or university has their own nuances, but basically, the process for someone to obtain an alternative certification after already receiving a Bachelor’s degree in a different major would be three steps:  (1) contact a participating college/university about enrolling in an Alt-Cert or Option 6 program; (2) apply for and be conditionally hired into a teaching position; and (3) meet the testing requirement of the college/university over a three-year period.
    Anyone interested in getting more information about the Alternative Certification Route should view EPSB’s website:  http://www.epsb.ky.gov/mod/page/view.php?id=38.  
    A link off of this page will show the approved colleges and universities along with what programs each may offer.