Superintendent Anthony Strong announces retirement

School board contracts with KSBA to lead superintendent search
“I have always taken pride in myself whether teacher or administrator as being an advocate for doing what is best for students,” stated Dr. Strong.

    After seven years of service to the students of Pendleton County Schools, Dr. Anthony Strong announced his retirement effective July 30, 2018 at the PC School Board Meeting Dec.18, 2017. He stated in a prepared statement, “I have spent 17 of my 28 years in education teaching and serving as superintendent of Pendleton County Schools. This school system and community have been and always will be very dear to my heart. I cherish the relationships that I have developed over the years with former students, and now many of their children.
    “When contacted by the board of education in 2011, the district was experiencing major financial issues, and had recently been listed as a district with a negative end of year balance; instructional improvement was stagnant; and the district and schools were operating in many cases in isolation, with schools and even departments not communicating. The board at that time was looking for an experienced superintendent that could focus on these issues and help develop a mission and vision for the future. I am proud to say that we have accomplished the tasks I was hired to do.” It is worth noting that now the budget is balanced and two of the four schools in the district are Distinguished.
    Strong continued, “I have always taken pride in myself whether teacher or administrator as being an advocate for doing what is best for students. Sometimes when you make decisions that are student focused rather than adult focused, it does not please people. I would never want anyone to say that my actions hindered the education of our students. It is my belief that the current Board and I are at a point where we have a difference in philosophy in the direction and management of the district. I want everyone to know that it is the Board’s right to set the vision and mission of the district and to attain leadership that can move their vision forward. I respect their authority to do so. It is because of the respect that I have for the process, that I want everyone to know I will retire as superintendent on June 30, 2018 and pledge my support in making sure that the transition July 1 for the new superintendent will be as smooth as possible. I know things are in much better shape than I found them 7 years ago.
    “I would like to thank each one of the staff members in the district for the work you have done during my tenure as superintendent. The year is not over and we have many things left to accomplish before the end of school. Always remember that we are better when we are “United in Pursuing Excellence.”
    Along with this decision by Strong, the School Board moved to hire Don Martin from the Kentucky School Board Association (KSBA) to assist them in their search for a new superintendent. Martin is a former superintendent from Grant County who has conducted over 100 searches across the state helping school boards to secure the right fit  for a superintendent. During his presentation to the board,  Martin detailed what is expected to be a twelve week process for which the board, under his guidance, will define a set of criteria they hope to match to a new superintendent.


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