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Sharp Middle School seats Cindy Cummins as new principal

        Cindy Cummins, a life-long resident of the area, has been placed as the new principal of Sharp Middle School. Cummins, a 21-year veteran of education, comes from Bracken County High School where she served as the assistant principal.
        During her time in the classroom, Cummins taught Family and Consumer Sciences and math. She taught in Kenton County before coming to Pendleton County’s Sharp Middle where she worked as a teacher for 10 years. She left Sharp to return to Kenton County for a year before moving to Bracken County to become an administrator. She returns to Pendleton after four years in the assistant’s position in Bracken County.
        Cummins is excited about her role as head principal, especially since she gets to return to SMS to fulfill that role. “I loved my time at Sharp,” she states. “It’s an honor to get to go back and lead the building where I worked so long.”
        In spite of living in Bracken County (“I live on the Bracken/Pendleton line”), Cummins attends church in Pendleton county, and she has always been part of the Pendleton community. That link to the community has helped her see the assets the community and the school district both have been to Sharp, as well as to the other schools. Her recent visit to the central office confirmed that.
        “I see the support at the district level for Sharp to be success,” she shares. “They know how important this school is, and the community offers its support, too, for the same reason.”
        She is also encouraged by what she sees in the staff of the school and in the student body. “Nearly 50% of the staff I worked with is still in the building,” she cites, “and those I didn’t work with—the ones who were hired since I left—offer a lot of positives to the students and to each other.” She will focus on the strengths of those newcomers as well as those she is so familiar with as she works through her plans for the upcoming school year.
        Her link to the community gives her another asset, she says. “I have a good knowledge of Pendleton County and Sharp itself,” she relates. “Because of that, I can come in and hit the ground running. I can grab the successes and work with them immediately, and I can work on the areas of improvement right away, too.”
        No one from the middle school wished to be quoted, but sources confirm that the staff is quite pleased with the hire.
        Those who worked with Cummins when she was in the building remember her as having a strong professional and ethical base. They also know that she was a successful administrator at Bracken County High School because of those traits, and they trust that her knowledge of the building, coupled with her knowledge of her role as an administrator, will be an asset to the building.
        Tony Dietrich, principal at Pendleton County High School, served as head principal of Bracken County High School during two of Cummins’s administrative years there. He states, “I’m looking forward to working with her again. She has been a tremendous asset for Bracken County High School, and I’m grateful to have her in Pendleton County Schools, advocating for our students.”
        While her role as Sharp Middle School principal will not begin until July 1, Cummins is already attending meetings with district staff, and she has already established goals for the building that she will now oversee. Those goals are clear.
        “I want staff, students, and parents to come together for the success of SMS. I want students to be at school, and I want them to be excited to be there. I want a staff that is valued and knows it is valued, and I want parents who will support their children and the staff as they work with their children.”
        All of these current goals she hopes will feed into her vision for the school and the students. That goal? “I want to increase student achievement and to prepare them for learning beyond Sharp and for life itself. I want them to learn to be productive citizens.”
        While Cummins appears to “click” with her setting no matter where she is, she obviously has reasons to be happy about being the site-based council’s choice, and she is quick share her feelings.
        “I’m excited to be back in the building and back in the county.”