Sharp Middle School to host annual “Showing Off Sharp”

Phillip Sharp Middle School’s annual open house, “Showing Off Sharp”, will be held from 5-7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 22.

This year, the school plans to “show off” its academics as well as its basketball and volleyball teams.  Language arts, science, social studies, math, and the enrichments are now planning demonstrations and displays, most of which will involve student participation.

Science classes are planning to demonstrate a Rube Goldberg machine; language arts classes will share independent reading projects, Nelson Mandela projects, and choice board assignments. Parents can participate in Reading Plus, ILPs, Moby Max, and the math and social studies departments will share activities from their classrooms.

In the extra-curricular area, the academic team will pit its teams against family members and anyone else who wants to try.  FCCLA organization will host a café with all proceeds from sales going to their activity funds, the school newspaper will be on sale, and Joseph Beth will be on-site hosting the book fair in the library.

The evening will end with the traditional volleyball and basketball games, and the pep band will help us get the full effect by performing during the games.

All attending adults will be eligible for door prizes from local businesses.

Sharp invites parents and community members to see what is happening as we “Show Off Sharp” in 2016!