Academic team showcases PCHS top classroom talent

    Pendleton County High School showcases some of its top students with the PCHS Academic Team. The Academic Team, coached by Kim Bowen, competes in four different activities: quick recall, written assessment, written composition, and future problem solving (FPS).
    Quick recall consists of two teams of four students from opposing schools that are required to buzz in to answer questions within a time limit. Whichever team answers the question the quickest scores the point.
    Written assessment consists of 50 multiple choice questions in which individual students are scored on the number correct. There are separate tests for science, social studies, language arts, arts and humanities, and math.
    In written composition, students are given a writing prompt and are scored on their response.
    On the FPS team, four students are given a futuristic scenario in which they identify issues and work together to create a solution.
    Students can compete in any combination of these activities. Each student usually focuses on one or two subjects they are knowledgeable in.
    Practices are every Monday and are centered around quick recall.  Students study outside of school with tests and online resources that zero in on their areas of expertise.
    For the 2018 school year, the PCHS Varsity and Junior Varsity Academic Team members are Mason Hornbeck, Kourtney Laudick, Mason Hardy, Allie Redden, Annie Redden, Evan Adams, Jacob Sanning, Jeanna Craig, Emma Gillespie, Michael English, Will Harlow, Alfie Powers, Haven Wolfe, Hannah Brock, Cody Mains, Parker Schrye, Rebecca Best, and Charissa Reid.
    These students compete in local and state-wide competitions and are some of the brightest minds PCHS has to offer.