School board welcomes new student representative

        Abby Moore, new PC School Board representative, received a hearty welcome from members of the board and Superintendent Joe Buerkley at their June 17, 2019 meeting. Moore, a senior at Pendleton County High School, was chosen by her peers to represent them on the school board to bring forward issues and concerns directly relating to the student body.
        Moore and her parents,  Shawn and Amanda Moore, were present at the meeting along with her two sisters Annie and Allie. They were all there to lend their support and take a few photos.
        Moore is an excellent student and a quick learner, so let there be no doubt that she is up to the task at hand. Further, Superintendent Buerkley and all board members made it clear they are there to help, to answer any of her questions.
        The action agenda for this meeting contained twelve items, all of which were recommended by Buerkley for the board’s approval. The first of these was the 2019-20 insurance renewal package which carried a price tag of $318,110. It contained everything from workman’s comp to health insurance. Except for the increased price tag, it was much the same as last year’s insurance program. Jan Johnston assured the board that she budgeted sufficient funds to cover the extra cost. The package was approved as recommended.
        The second action agenda item was a bond depository with Heritage Bank. Heritage Bank insures the schools money to up to 103% for the unlikely event of the money being lost or stolen. Each month, an amount is deposited by the state to cover some of the districts expenses and over the year a total of eight million dollars will be deposited. Again the board approved the bond depository with Heritage Bank as recommended.
        Buerkley next brought before the board for their approval the 2019-20 Certified Evaluation Appeals Panel. The panel consists of the following teachers chosen by their peers: Amanda King  and Carissa Lloyd. The alternates are Tiffany Espelage and Maxie Kordes. Laura Pugh, Director of Teaching and Learning for the district was appointed by the board. Her alternate is Matt Compton, Director of Transportation for the district. The board approved the panel as recommended.
        Buerkley  shared with the board that the law requires high school students to do ACT preparation once a year in grades 9-11. As such, he recommended the board purchase a College Equipped Readiness Tool called CERT.  He also noted that the cost of one year of this testing for one grade level is covered by a grant. The cost of the other two grade levels must be borne by the district.
        School Board Member and Vice-Chairperson  Karen Delaney pointed out, “Isn’t this another unfunded mandate handed to the school districts? We are required to test and, in the past, the state paid for the testing, and now they  have dropped paying while continuing to mandate that we test?”
        Buerkley responded, “Yes it is.”
        The board approved the purchase of CERT.
        The following action agenda items were approved by the board as recommended by Buerkley: the District Technology Plan, Interim Healthcare Staffing Contract to assist two needy students during their school day, Orientation and Mobility Service Contract, also for two students requiring assistance, Head Start Full Utilization Agreement for three- and four-year-olds to provide kindergarten readiness services, District Chairpersons for ARC meetings to determine the individualized education program for students with special needs, preschool tuition and Kentucky School Board Association Medicaid training and billing to assist the district in recouping the cost of caring for students covered by Medicaid.
        Lastly, the board approved as recommended by Buerkley the School Resource Officer agreement.
        In closing, the board approved the Consent Agenda, and the meeting was adjourned.